CLEAR Choice

Concrete, Lean, Efficient, Accessible, Resolute CHOICE.

The way of Harmony or the way of Armory? It is our pretention that civilized people strive to spare those around them the affliction of embarassement and discomfort.

The Refined being strives to make everyone comfortable. The Brute relish in short term emotional rushes derived from illusions of power exercises on people at the expense of group harmony.

The choice is c.l.e.a.r; To Strive to act like a civilized being or aggress, harrass, and disgrace all rules of civility in the name of freedom and force of character.

A Cyclone is powerful, formidable and imposing. It also bring destruction, pain and sorrow.

A gentle breeze is discrete, smooth and soothing. It brings seeds of growth, energy and cooling calmness.

To impose oneself by force, with total disregard for others is easy and dumb. To impose oneself as a result of popular demand is harder but wise.

Influence through force is limited in time: The period of one’s apparent invincibility is up the moment the next fool commanding even more strength appears in the picture. How quick the masses flock to this stronger brute

Influence through affluence is a lifetime venture. It creates lasting relationships, build social capital and strengthen harmony.

When has any choice been so clear? July 1998, Antananarivo

  1. The needs of the many outweight the few (surak). The deeds of a few outweight the many (lerina).

self-pride without self-respect. A recipe for hardship.


I. Self-Refinement is Simple  
1.1 Discipline is a Decision.  
1.2 Commitment is a Choice.  
1.3 Choice seeks what is Simple not what is Easy.  

II. Self-Refinement is Harmonious  
2.1 Trust is a Resource that needs frequent care and feeding.  
2.2 It feeds on Constant and Uncompromising adherence to Personal-Integrity.  
2.3 Personal-Integrity is the Congruence of Thought, Speech and Deeds.  
2.4 To be Whole then, is when one's Mind, one's Feelings and one's Actions are in Unison.  

III. Self-Refinement is a recurring Pledge  
3.1 In Harmony within the Flow, Stable yet not Static.  
3.2 Each day, a new beginning.  
3.3 Each day the Pledge. Recall, ReFrame and ReCommit.  
3.4 Flexible, Adaptable without ever compromising Integrity.  

IV. Self-Refinement is a Practice  
4.1 Hence forth, Seek what is Simple not what is Easy.  
4.2 Measure Outcome but most of all Celebrate Effort, Efficiency, Time wisely spent.  
4.3 Leverage the POWER. Administer the PEACE. Practice the FOMBA (WoA).  

V. Self-Refinement is a way of life  
5.1 Honour Discipline, Commitment and Choices.  
5.2 Don't wait to "feel like" honouring your Commitements. Decide and Do.  
5.3 Grow Trust, Build Integrity, Cultivate Harmony as a lifestyle choice.  

        Hence one cultivates
        composure and temperance,
        alertness and compassion,
        sustained perseverance and consistency

                                       _ lerina

Action for the Day

  • Define success for the Day (what to acheive)
  • Specify 3 Actions with a 20h deadline
  • Recite Power before task, Peace after task, WoA between Actions

Leverage the POWER

P.    Purpose       &     (Prey) Principles
O.    Organization  &     Observation (old, external to you -> Opportunity) 
W.    Willingness.  &     Wit
E.    Efficiency.   &     Execution 
R.    Resolve.      &     Resources 

with power I come to life
with Purpose I give it meaning
(with a prey I acquire a target)
with principles  I draw the line
with Organization I gain structure
with opportunity I seize the initiative
with Willingness I express Choice
with wit I adapt to change
with efficiency I build-up energy
with Execution I make my mark
with Resolve I Arc around Obstacles
with resources I fuel the power

Administer the PEACE

"I am the maker of my.      `PEACE`.
 I am the  tamer of my      `P`assions
 I am the tutor of my       `E`motions
 I am the deflater of my.   `A`nger
 I am the moderator of my.  `C`ravings
 I am the regulator of my.  `E`nergy "
                                       _ lerina
`P`assion tamed,
`E`motions tutored,
`A`nger deflated,
`C`ravings moderated,
`E`nergy regulated,
`PEACE` is spelled out
                 _ lerina

Hence Practice PEACE through P osture E quanimity A wareness C omposure E quilibrium

and Maintain PEACE with P assion tamed E motions tutored A nger deflated C ravings moderated E nergy regulated

WoA: The Practice

Needs are few, yet wants are many.
Cravings are raging, but will is stronger.
To act and not to be acted upon,
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

Accept, deflect the fruits of life.
Seize the real through self-improvement.
Tame the unreal through self-control.
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

Repel, dispel rogue expectations.
Nurture focus, discipline, and wisdom.
Where frustration arises, feed it not
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

Henceforth assert that in all matters:
The lens of perception do not alter understanding.
The filter of emotions do not impoverish thought.
Thus is forged the Sword of Wisdom.

Words do not turn into hateful speech.
Action do not lead to harmful deeds.
Livelihood does not cause pain and destruction.
Thus is sharpened the Art of Discipline

Effort is oblivious to desire or ambition.
Mindful awareness does not stumble and falter.
Centered the Now concentrates in the Present.
Thus is polished the power of Focus.

In harmony, within the flow
like a raft in the eye of the storm,
 we are stable yet not static.
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

Unfettered by change or setbacks
Undeterred by fear or ridicule
we blend-forth resilient and resolute.
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

Be it a time of might or flight.
Sow the seeds if this legacy.
Apply it in all things great or trite.
thus is the way of the Practitioner.

… Nosy Malagasy add

witnessed by our ancestors
judged by our children
we pledge to honour this heritage
thus is the way of the Ancestors
                                       _ lerina

Equity Dignity Stability.

At all time nurture : composure, constancy, temperance
alertness, compassion, courage
sustained perseverance, consistency, filial
  1. this too shall pass. Notice and get back on track

  2. emotions are the result of the meaning you conjure up. Reframe. Don’t entertain the irrelevant. only the now is in the foreground.

  3. Be the least likely that made the cut . be humble, be discrete yet be included.

  4. tea, milk Food is not a distraction. mindful eating even at resto.

  5. daily labels are non negotiable. This is your sacred commitment to yourself.

  6. Simplify, decluter, reduce saying “yes” and increase saying “no”.

…. DIG

  • Delay. Instant. Gratification
  • Do. It. Genuinely
  • Done. Is. Good
  • Don’t. Interrupt. a Gig