Escapade (2002) - Escape Aid (2009)

                        by lerina
1. Embracing comfort, 
dances in my head.
Urging to depart,
my taking for granted ...
The blissfull feeling;
that of your being
friend, accomplice, wife
in our journay of life.
2. Only fools rely solely on Love
as their mate in married life.
For love dwindles and rekindlesakin to a fire
that feed that passion.
Loyalty to the partnership is the key agent
overtime, that binds two as one. 

3. Unsure, still searching
life's choices without number.
(Alas! Time runs, runs ...)
Alas! Tic, toc, tic ...
4. Days expire victim of fleeting time.
So easy the trek, escapade into the future,
forbidding the way back to the beginings

5. What kind of map is it, that traces the path travelled
but never the trail back? Life's road map.
6. Riding the wave of time,  
Destination nowhere.  
Feel the relentless tide,  
Pulling deeper into the sea.
7. Not contented with Love and Shelter,
we look elsewhere for status and respect.
Forever captive of the past,
without hope to match,
the compfort of ... home.

8. The merit of the faithful
is to have faith despite lack of proof.
The folly (curse) of the gulable  
is to believe without looking (searching) for proof.
9. The sentimental value of things,
material or otherwise  
springs from it's association
with feelings of well-being.

Attachment to these emotional manifestations
is self indulgence into delusion.
10. Spiritual health is that without which :
Fear is all mighty
Faith a refuge into mindless belief 
for the weak and the irresponsible.
Devotion an empty set of gestures and mumblings.
11. Only to those Understanding what is not,
is endowed the ability to Embrace what is.
12. Let responsability be our own, when wrong prevails, and
ours to share when right triumphs.
Let errings lead to worthiness
as renewal rewards endeavior.
Let this be our pledge and act thusly
as our ancestors are our witnesses,
our decendants our judges.
13. The meaning of life is to give it meaning.
14. To give is to live, to live is to give.
When you do take leave,
all that remains is what you gave.
15. The fly looking back,
cannot see the lizard.
16. These worms you despise,
in the end, expunges all traces of you.

17. This glorious ship  
battered by the wind,  
tortured by the waves,  
succumbing to its design flaws;
Who cares now, who's at the helm? (1991)
... The ship's crew and wayfarers. (1998)
18. No justice without order,
no order without justice.
For it's just a matter of time,
for one to falter without the other.

19. Cherish the past, cling not to it.
Build the future, dwell not in it.
20. Present and Past are the sole tools
one possesses to shape the future.
Why then elect to discard either one
in the name of what has yet to be.

21. In the West, Communism was demonized,
not because as a system it failed to take
not account individual aspirations and personal greed,
not because of its exagerated, unrealistic reliance on
sustained goodwill and unwaivering sens of abnagation.
It was vilified because it depicted too well the flaws of western societies.
22. Freedom is a slave.
See it: Lynched at the heands of the treacherous.
Bought and sold in favor of security.
Even the most rightous amoung us,
subjects it to the highest form of constraint
one's own conscience.
23. Adapt before you Adopt

24. By failing to recognize their differences
Africans have proceeded through the years
in the mistaken belief that their respective
aspirations and goals were of a common nature,
their singularities a matter to be hushed.
25. As it is true of any member of a terrorist movement,
racists represent potential danger,
occasionally indulging in sporadic outbursts.
Clear and Present danger comes from
the contented multitude, reluctant and
often hostile to any accomodation for change.
26. When dealing with racism,
one should keep in mind
that at issue is not the problem
caused by a few rotten apples in the basket.
Rather it is caused by the apples refusing to make
room for the oranges, pears, litchis and passion fruit.

27. When opposing a friend
present your views as an opportunity
to improve the friends belief.
When opposing an enemy 
act in the same manner
so as to render the foe
unreasonable in the eyes 
of his or her allies.
28. The greatest art of all
is that of perception management.
29. Blind conformity is no virtue.
However great, `tradition` is not static.
For culture is just a circumstential expression
of a given time and place.
Hence `loyalty` is our only lasting anchor to Humanity.
30. Respect is not a matter of submission,
but rather a genuine acknowledgment 
of the greatness earned 
that is to be learned from each other.
31. In deep confrontation, 
the fool is blinded by rage and
dumbed by vile rhetoric
Whereas the wise, in that moment of tension
experiences the vanishing of all illusions ...
only facts remains.
32. This couple `Work` and `Duty` 
is what makes each of us unique and valuable.
It a is at once a most formidable tool for rhe living
and a lasting testament from the dead;
It is proof of our existence and must not
be evaded.

33. Money does not necessarily begit success.
Yet from success often flows money.
34. Power is not gained through unity.
Rather unity is a result of power.
Failing to recognize this,
Africans neither have unity nor power.
35. Wipe them not
for who then shall shine your shoes?
Piece by piece buy them out.
36. The most insidious poisons
are coated with sugar
37 The values, wisdom and notions
common to most nations,
have found in Mediterranean scriptures
favorable brreding ground to mask the xenophobic, etho-centric
and violent behaviour transcribed in their `GOoD` books.
38. In conflict, slaves will take their masters side
until they stumble on a side not of their making.

39. Generation after generation
we all bring our contribution
and cheer the edification
of artificial division.

This we call culture.
Our idea of past, present and future.
Our burden to carry, our duty to nurture.

However, how deep de divide remains up to us!
40. XXX
If life is but a quest
to be on top of most
in hell shall we roast
for despising the rest.

For Ego delusion is one's downfall.
Neglecting to hear this call,
the pursuit of selfish desires
always lead to eternal fires.

But if one starts this life quest
understanding this reaity
that one is but a guest
like a distant visiting family,
on this frail Earth we share,

Perhaps hope shall still shine,
and someday all will be fine
merciffully ending this nightmare.

For let it not be out of dispair
that finally we will spare
from negligence and lack of care

Our only home at least for now

41. One cannot program those they love
to be what they are not.
Why then ... the frustration
when divergence arise?
42. Wishing for what cannot be,
we sacrifice what is.
43. The courage of the brave
is to dare it's devils.

The middle way

44. Together yet separate.
Separate yet together.
In union as in all things
bliss is in the middle way.
45. Love and kindness is for all to share.
In the joyfull arena of moderation
mindfull attention abound plentiful.
Hence are the blessings of the middle way.
46. A welcoming friend, redeeming pacifier,
where rationality and mild passions,
dispells the excesses of the intemperate;
such is the realm of the middle way. 
47. The way of discretion is available to all.
Infinitely `yealdfull` (heedfull) of the central path,
in all endeavour avert excesses.
For harmony awaits in the middle way.
48. The path of discernement is far from dull
without the veil f passion, reality shines,
self-delusion yeild way to intimate insight
such are the wonders of the middle way.

March 1998

49. The fool blinded by rage
cannot see the compassion
and helping hand dran out by the wise one.
50. Theory without accountability is the death of reason.
Reason and humanness are joined by decorium.
Decorium without substance degenerates into mindless routine.
Routine dulls the sharp edges of reason.

Reason is the cradle of organized systems.
Organized systems are the embodiment of theory.
Theory without accountability is the death of reason.

51. Millions of aid giving way to Billions of trade
This is a worthy endeavor.
Systemic (Institutional) brutality giving way to gouvernment acountability.
This is a desirable endeavor.
To transform the bulk of the poor into lower middle class.
That is fruitful endeavor.
To persue world influence rather than ponctual dominion.
That is a reasonable endeavor.
To play compeating foreign interests against one another.
That is a sound endeavor.
To foster African cohesion and inter-communicatioon.
That is a necessary endeavor.
To do what must be done now and forgo rancour.
This is our endeavor. 


FAITH: First Allow In The Hallow/Holy, Hollow
                _ lerina Dec 07, 2018