Code as a Narrative

Code listings and Tracing code used to be the only way to learn programming back in the days. It left me with a longing for something similar in the durrent wonderful of git and other publically browsable code repositories. But short of painstakinly going from commit to comit until the Head, how can we get the same sense of code discovery?

I’ve been playing with the concept of code as a narrative recently. The notion is not new. It has had various definition and partial implementation.
From Literate programming, literateprogramming.com, Donald Knuth - Literate programming - youTube
to Pseudocode Programming Process
to Code That Reads Like a Story

The particular version emerging from this Tech Lab is Code as a Narrative. I find it very useful as a teaching tool. But I’m not fixed yet as its value in a professional project. Thats why is still in the Tech Lab Section