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Mr Smith (Matrix) is right. We are software writers, code writers. Git blame returns the code author we are Digital Code Author

But we are more akin to writers of the film industry than the book market. We have technical constraints and people cooperation imperatives.

  • As code authors, we don’t type commands into a computer to make it do things. That’s the job of our programs.

We write solutions to challenges, opportunities and problems we’ve modelled and solved. We only code problem solving software, once we’ve decoded a satisfactory solution. To neophytes we appear to code algorithms and orchestrate their interactions to process input data and spit out a desired output. But in reality, We write code that reads as a story of the system it implements to better produce software that matters.

  • As software producers, we



Let’s get coding

↑ back Programming languages and frameworks need not be considered in isolation.

Language wars, developer silos and coder tribes cannot hide the fact that programming languages tools.

Granted they are tools to think and express ideas and solutions. But they are disposable tools nontheless.

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