Personal Productivity with thrust

To bridge the gap between intention and action, some people like to thinking of their work in terms of war. I prefer to see it as a live action, a performance.

Have a SQUID GAME ▲●■ mindset: Code as if your life depended on it.

Work in successive propulsive burst of energy, deepwork, focus.

▲ Without Distraction
● Perform the Process
■ While in Session

The process

thrust incorporate the programming notions of mutex and int 0x80. Acquire a exclusive lock on your attention (mutex)
while performing a task previously defined (int 0x80).

mutex or lock 0x80 is a alias for do what was previously defined.

The system hold in 3 points.
- Perfom the process
- until time is up
- without distraction

● Perfom the process

Nothing is accomplished without actual work. Rustle up. Here is the heart of this system: Stacks and Heaps: A Personal Productivity Process

The circle ● represents the gears of execution.

■ until time is up

All things will pass, and most things are out of one’s control. But for a specific period of time choose to do and only do the task at end. Nothing else matters.

The square ■ represents the time box dedicated to execution.

▲ without distraction

When you do something specific, you are on air , in session, live
Fully commit! At the very least your name is attached to it.

The ▲ triangle represents that single pointedness driving execution.

Get better at practicing 0x80 with these tools

Aim for 3hours sessions

Aim for 3 hours sessions.

Divide the 3 hours into work sessions

Take a break between sessions

First 20, 40, 60, 40, 20 minutes

then 40, 20, 60, 40, 20 minutes

then 60, 60, 60 minutes

Just do

  1. Pick a 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 steps Task.
  2. Set a time to beat: 20, 40, 60 minutes.
  3. Finish the steps before the time is up.

4 rules

In order to accomplish 0x80 it is assumed one wants to do what was previously defined . Hence some rules apply

  1. It is wise to Acquire a Target First. (Be specific about your intent)
    It is unwise to just embark on a nebulous task
  2. It is wise to set a timeframe.
    It is unwise to just do without a deadline
  3. It is wise to guard your Actions from Distractions.
    It is unwise to give in to instant self-gratification
  4. It is wise to seek feedback.
    It is unwise to take it personally.

ODY: A Checklist to Remedy inefficient use of deepwork time.

[] Obstacle cleared
[] Distractions to avoid identified
[] Yield to the process

TMP: Create a temporary focus bubble

Until the time is up, shift into session mode and “observe the doing”

Temporal (Do the time: Stick to it)
Mental (Be water: Egoless nothing can stick to it)
Physical (Stick-out: Fail it til you make it)