acronym driven development


Uphold the S.E.C.T.

TDD, BDD, the noise has reached cult-like levels. So here is my contribution, when you code, I urge you to stand by the SECT:

Story Driven Requirements
Example Driven Design
Code Driven Development
Test Driven Delivery

And by all mean, push for 100% test coverage, of those portions of code that matter.

I promise not to write books or make seminars about it. It’s safe to try and bonus it actually works!

Crazy goal > Smart goal’s

We’ve all heard of SMART the an acronym used for creating Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-based goals. It doesn’t say anything about execution.

CRAZY goal is the next step.

C ontrained in time and space [At the correct place, within the right time] R elevant and robust [meaningful and worth your total commitment] A ccountable process actions [chunks are either done or not. No excuses.] Z oom out, zoom in: Zap it! [Top-down design, bottom-up implementation: Beat your best time.] Y ield early, reap frequently [feedback loop]

Notice its GOAL, not goals. Pick one goal and make sure its CRAZY.

C ontrained in time and space

Schedule the lifeline. Number of time-bubbles to work on it.

R elevant and robust

(non-frivoulus and impactful)

A ccountable process actions

top-down view, bottom-up execution

Z oom out, zoom in: Zap it!

see the context, the why, the big picture Dive into the task, one sub-task at a time

Y ield early, reap frequently

Measure progress by keeping count of the time-bubbles dedicated to the process of sub-task completion.

Keep in mind that Progress is a process:
While one Plans progress with goals, one Makes progress with processes.

FOCUS when you code

Feedback friendly
Organised and prepared
Commited to the task
Unswayed by distraction
Single tasking

FEEDback Driven

| Fraction the Problem to ’f’etch a solution
| Experiment then ’e’liminate lesser solution(s)
| Encode and ’e’valuate the candidate solution(s)
| Detect anomalies
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