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Are you looking to Reboot a project or Boost and Secure some existing code?

Secure software development

Software is everywhere. Ten years from now, who will be responsible for the code deploy today? What does it take to build reliable and efficient software? These are some questions that keep responsible software writers and application developers up at night. Because we are drowning in unsound code. Yet it doesn't have to be that way. And there is still time to do something about it.

Boost or secure existing code.

The Modern software environment is a mashup of code written in various languages. Some language sacrifice safety for speed. Other sacrifice conciseness for expressiveness. Most language eventually show some limit in a particular arena.
Devices may be getting faster but bottlenecks still hamper responsive usability due to the way the source code was written and the language it is implemented in. Port some key functionality to something more adequate is required. Boosting speed and securing dangerous code is an essential and responsible course of action in a world fuelled by software.
Benchmark and optimize where it counts. Secure everywhere!


WebAssembly is designed to complement and run alongside JavaScript. Web apps written with WebAssembly can run at near-native speeds.
New Yet Familiar. Familiar yet different. Faster Better with minimal Disturbance because Existing code bases don't need to be discarded. Only performance-sensitive JavaScript or Python functions need to be re-implemented to Wasm to gain immediate benefits. (source: why rust and webassembly)
Find out more about WebAssembly here

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